Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has got to the heart of the matter. Reminding the business community of the immense opportunities the country is going to get after graduating to a developing country from a least development one, the PM has asked them to work vigorously to explore the export and other business opportunities in the global market following the graduation. She has said the country’s promotion to the status of a developing nation would help it get credit facilities and doing business in easier ways and that the country must take the opportunity. The prime minister was speaking at a function organized on Sunday at a city hotel to distribute national Export Trophy for the year 2015-2016.
It is worth appreciating that the incumbent government is very much aware of the challenges that the country might face after it officially comes out of the LDC group and that they have taken all necessary preparations to deal with the challenges. “Bangladesh will lose some facilities entitled for LDCs, but it would not be a problem for us as we have already taken preparation to address the situation creating necessary business friendly atmosphere,” Sheikh Hasina said. We are happy to learn from the PM that her government is working out a plan to assess the demands of Bangladeshi goods in the global markets and give facilities to the exporters to boost up exports.
It goes without saying the government of Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina from the very onset of assuming power has been trying relentlessly to improve the business climate in the country. That the economy is now being considered an emerging tiger and categorised as one of the most booming economies is primarily attributable to the visionary leadership and tireless endeavour of Sheikh Hasina, the able daughter of the Father of the Nation, to take the country forward. Bangladesh is maintaining good economic relations with every country as a result of which many countries have given Bangladesh duty-and-quota-free access to Bangladeshi products, which is also a diplomatic success of the country, the PM rightly mentioned, adding that her government has already ensured uninterrupted power and gas supply to industries.
However, like the PM we believe the positive measures taken up by the government can usher in the best outcome only when the private stakeholders will work vigorously to make use of the government facilitation. The PM has aptly pointed out that the government is trying to find out markets for Bangladeshi goods in the international arena but that it is also the duty of the business community that they find out markets for their own goods abroad. It is our sincere hope the businessmen will respond positively to the PM’s call and that the joint efforts made by the government and the private sector will help the country reach its anticipated development goal very soon.