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Prime Bank and Bank Asia from Bangladesh have been awarded “Gold Rank” on their Sustainability Reports. Both the banks have won this award for preparing the Sustainability Report for the year 2017 and they have also obtained “Materiality Disclosure Icon” from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Netherlands. The Sustainability Reports of Prime Bank and Bank Asia have already been uploaded in GRI website.
Both the banks received this prestigious awards on the 14th Sustainability Reporting Awards (SRA) 2018 organised by the National Centre for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR), Indonesia in collaboration with the Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) held at Bandar Lampung, Indonesia on Friday.
A total of 56 organizations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Bangladesh along with other Asian countries participated in this year Sustainability Reporting Award (SRA). The assessments are carried out by Judges and Assessors who are Certified Sustainability Practitioners from Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) and academicians.
Lampung Sustainability Award (LSA) is an awarding event held by the Lampung Provincial Government, in collaboration with Lampung CSR Forum. The participants will receive certificate and award from Muhammad Ridho Ficardo, the governor of the province of Lampung, Indonesia.

Prof Bambang Brodjonegoro, Ph.D, Minister of the National Planning and Development, Indonesia presented the key note paper in this prestigious day-long award ceremony program.
Sustainability is a solution to maintain and balance the changes that occur in the world, in various aspects. Based on the Triple Bottom Lines (3P namely Profit, Planet, and People) as the main pillar, the concept of sustainability continues to grow until now. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a world agenda that has been running since the award was inaugurated in 2015 for Asian organisations.
Sustainability Reporting is communication on the economic, environmental and social policies, impacts and performance of an organization and its products in the context of sustainable development.
In order to support the agenda of SDGs, National Centre for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) and the Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners (ICSP) also hosted a Sustainability Practitioner Conference (SPC) on 7 December, 2018 with the theme of “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): From Global Policy to Local Implications”.
SDGs are a world agenda that needs support from various parties for their achievements. Therefore, SPC is organized to disseminate and build understanding of the concepts of SDGs embedded sustainability. The sustainability practitioners form around the world along with senior executives from different companies, government officials, lecturers, students are attending in the conference.
Md Touhidul Alam Khan, Deputy Managing Director of Prime Bank and a Certified Sustainability Practitioner (CSP) has been specially invited from Bangladesh by NCSR and ICSP jointly to participate a Plenary Session in the conference as a speaker on topic “Highlighting implementation and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bangladesh.”
Khan received the gold award in favour of Prime Bank.
Dr Ali Darwin, Ak, MSc, CSP, Chairman, Board of Director NCSR, Indonesia told, “We have changed the name of award from this year as “Asian Sustainability Reporting (ASR) Rating and the theme of this year is ‘Towards Greater Transparency and Accountability.’”
“It is a very prestigious international award in Asia for those institutions, who prepare Sustainability Report as per latest GRI guidelines.Sustainability Reporting is the key component through which organizations become enable to formulate their goals, assess the development towards goals and thus ensure sustainability for the organization,” told Dr Ali, who has vast contribution to implement sustainability reporting in Asia more than a decade.
“Sustainability Reporting gives more emphasis on qualitative information than quantitative information that covers economic, social, environmental and governance issues. It is indeed a great initiative taken by NCSR to boost up the motivation and endeavour of the economic entity to come up with sustainability initiatives for the greater interest of world,” told Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil, FCMA, Chief Financial Officer of Bank Asia Limited, recipient of gold rank in sustainability reporting award-2018.
“The theme of Sustainability Report of Prime Bank for the year 2017 was: ‘Striving for excellence to create social, environmental and economic benefit’. We are proud to say that Prime Bank has published the 5th Sustainability Report for the year 2017 by using latest GRI G4 global guidelines. This report conveys disclosures of Prime Bank’s most critical impacts –positive or negative – on the environment, society and the economy,” viewed by Touhid who is also the Head of Sustainability Reporting Committee (SRC) of Prime Bank.