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Staff Correspondent
Prices of most essential commodities including vegetables, fish, meat and eggs have shot up in all the city’s kitchen markets.
However, the prices of rice, wheat, lentil, onion, edible oil and other grocery products remain unchanged.
According to retailers, as hailstorms have continued across the country, affecting many crop and vegetable lands, farmers are failing to harvest their crops and vegetables on time creating a huge shortfall in the wholesale market.
“I don’t have anything to do as we purchase essentials like vegetables at high rate, we are compelled to sell at increased rate,” a retailer in the city’s Rampura kitchen market told this correspondent on Friday.
Besides, chicken price has also been high since February. Broiler chicken is selling at Tk 160 or above.
But price of rice and grocery items remain stable. Almost every kind of fish is selling at a minimum Tk 200 per kilogram. On the other hand, beef and mutton prices remain stable. Beef price was sold at Tk 500 per kilogram.Mutton was Tk 650-800 per kg.
Middle and lower-income group people are feeling the squeeze of the continuous rise in prices of essentials. But traders say, sudden rain last week damaged crop lands which also hindered supply against demand and is also responsible for the price hike.
The scenario was revealed in the capital’s Karwan Bazar, Rampura, Khilgaon kitchen market and some other markets. Traders and buyers corroborated the situation.
Even spring vegetables are available since the past one month. But this week, almost every vegetable registered price hike, with most of them except for potato increasing by at least Tk 20. Sage vegetable was selling at Tk 150 per kg, vigna sinensis Tk 140-150, multitude Tk 90, kerala Tk 100, ladies finger TK 80, gourd Tk 70, saddle clay Tk 80, cucumber Tk 80, bean TK 80, and potato TK 15-20.
Karwan Bazar vegetable trader Ibrahim told Bangladesh Post, vegetables are not coming in abundance in the whole sale market, we have to bring vegetables at high price for which, price of vegetables rose based on our expenditure in the retail market.
Buyers pointing towards government authority say that they are reluctant to monitor the market, and without the authority concerned how the traders could increase essential prices, they expressed.
Price of onion remains as it was last week. Local onion was selling at Tk 35 per kg while Indian onion, at Tk 25. Ginger price is Tk 90 and garlic price is Tk 100 per kg.
Price hike also affected fish market too. Fish price was as in the previous week. Chital fish was Tk 500-550 per kg, Awn fish Tk 650-700, Rui-katla Tk 300-600 per kg and tilapia at Tk 150-200 per kg, boal fish Tk 700-900, Pangasius Tk 180-250, sole fish Tk 600, pabda fish Tk 600, mystus fish Tk 650, catfish Tk 400-600, and walking catfish, Tk 700-800.