In today’s world, life is unimaginable without internet. It is certainly substantive that if the use of internet can be increased, it will definitely influence the socio economic, education and all the sectors of the economy. But we should not focus only to increase the users, but also teach people how to use it for socio-economic and other development.
The government is working tirelessly to provide the best digital technology and internet services to the people of Bangladesh. We have seen the government’s efforts to connect Bangladesh with submarine cables and most recently the launching of Bangabandhu satellite; and it is hoped that they will bring a great change in the internet speed as well as use.
As part of the government’s efforts to spread internet to every corner of the country, it has already began its work. High-speed internet connections have already been provided to 1200 unions; and broadband internet services will be provided to the remote areas even the islands, according to media sources.
Internet will make it easier for the rural people to use digital services; and they will get scope to learn many things from it which may also increase self employment. Moreover, information access will be easier for all the people. For example, people from remote corners of the country will easily know the information about Hajj and others, and villagers will be able to expand their local business, even to the whole world. Most importantly, it will build a digital platform for students.
The government’s various initiatives to provide internet to every corner of the country is praiseworthy; but some issues should be considered at first before expanding the network. For example, the connections should be affordable, especially for the rural people. Also, there should be mass awareness against the misuse of internet and cyber crimes.