Bangladesh’s first Tier IV National Data Center Construction

ZTE wins the data center construction team award

For the outstanding performance in the construction of the first Tier IV National Data Center (NDC) in the country, ZTE Corporation has won Data Center Construction Team of the Year award at DCD (DataCenterDynamics) Asia Pacific Awards 2019 Ceremony held in Singapore on Thursday. 

This national data center (NDC) is located at the Kaliakoir high-tech park in Gazipur. 

The Bangladesh NDC is the first national data center that received both the UPTIME Tier IV design certification and facility certification in the country and is also the first data center in South Asia that got UPTIME Tier IV facility certification. In addition, the data center passed all the test items of the Uptime Tier IV construction certification, thereby being highly appraised by the Uptime Institute.

During the construction of the data center, ZTE construction team had overcome a series of challenges, such as inconvenient transportation, unstable power supply, and bad weather, completing the project on time with high quality, by virtue of its excellent design capability, leading product performance, scientific project management, and reliable delivery.

Since 2016, ZTE has received DCD awards for four consecutive years, including the Modular Deployment Award and the Internet Data Center Award in 2016, the Excellence in Data Center Operations award in 2017, and the Design Team of the Year award in 2018. These awards cover the full life cycle of a data center, from design, construction, to operation and maintenance, fully demonstrating ZTE's end-to-end strength in the data center field. 

By means of a powerful data center product team of more than 1,500 R&D engineers and technical experts, ZTE has deployed more than 260 projects worldwide, with the strength in design and construction of Uptime Tier IV, the highest level in the industry. 

Vincent Liu, CEO of ZTE Corporation Bangladesh Limited said, ‘We are grateful to the Bangladesh government to give us the opportunity to be a part of building Digital Bangladesh. We have been recognized for our outstanding performance in building Bangladesh’s first Tier IV National Data Center. Indeed, we are proud of this achievement. But we couldn’t do it without the support of the government and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank them.’