ZTE, Teletalk organise ‘Leading 5G Tour 2020’ workshop

ZTE Corporation  hosted the first overseas online “Leading 5G Tour 2020- Exhibition Hall Overview” workshop in Bangladesh jointly Teletak, the only state-owned GSM, 3G, LTE based mobile phone operator in Bangladesh.

Face to face communication between ZTE and customers has been canceled due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia. Through the online platform, the conference realized the simultaneous access of peak 40 ports, ensuring the participation effect of more than 13 people's stable communication. 

ZTE has invited customers to visit the exhibition hall of the Shenzhen headquarters remotely to show and explain ZTE's self-developed chips, the latest wireless base station, and core equipment etc. The main highlighted part of the workshop has been the ZTE open lab and headquarters.  ZTE SDN/NFV Joint Open lab and Shenzhen headquarters is mainly for exploration and verification of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G technology and virtual architecture, including the integration of ZTE's products and compatibility test with partners. 

ZTE Bangladesh Chief Marketing Officer, Pang Wei, and customers have delivered speeches respectively. They have reviewed the long-term cooperation history of both sides, and expressed the vision of further mutual benefit and win-win on the 5G development road in the future. After that, a high-level expert group from ZTE headquarters has given a 5G special lecture. 

The senior management of both sides has gone through an in-depth discussion on the development trend of the communication industry, Teletalks’ future development strategy, 5G evolution and deployment, etc. In addition, the online atmosphere has been very active as customers participated in the discussion as well as the technical presentation meeting. They have listened to experts of ZTE about customized topics such as 5G progress, development strategy, deployment suggestions, etc.

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