Zero tolerance to graft, irregularities

Anti-corruption purges must continue

The government continues its commitment to zero-tolerance policy against corruption and irregularities as per the directives of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Law-enforcement agencies warn that none will be spared after committing misdeeds. 

The recent arrest of JKG Healthcare Chairman Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury has proven once again that the government is truly dedicated to rooting out corruption at all costs. According to a high-up of law enforcement agency Regent Group chairman Mohammad Shahed may be captured anytime following the the healthcare scandal in the country. 

The ruling party has also proven that even members of the party will not be spared if they are involved in any misdeeds. Awami League Presidium member Col (rtd) Faruk Khan has promised to show no amnesty to wrongdoers in the Awami League. 

The recent arrest of JKG Healthcare Chairman 

Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury has proven once 

again that the government is truly dedicated 

to rooting out corruption at all costs

According to sources, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also considering giving order to launch another fresh round of purging drives both inside the party and government as a part of her long practiced zero tolerance policy against corruption.

One of the biggest impediments in Bangladesh’s path to becoming a developed nation is corruption. It is prevalent in all levels of officials and in nearly all sectors. Instances of bribery and money laundering are far too common. 

Unethical practices like these weaken national institutions and prevent the rule of law. Corruption erodes public trust in government, and breeds injustice. Corruption is also increasingly linked to violation of human rights and spread of the culture of impunity. 

Due to widespread corruption and mismanagement in all sectors from police administration, judiciary, health sector, education, etc., people have begun to lose their faith in authority and government day by day.

Therefore the government’s ongoing drive to eradicate corruption is truly commendable. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the government has shown its dedication in weeding out all sorts of irregularities both within the party and on a larger scale as well.