Zahid and Preeti in Eid special

Watermelons are needed in this time of Corona. Where can watermelon be found? Not even a single watermelon is available. Such a drama is being made by director Himu Akram for his Eid-ul-Adha special drama ‘Gofur Kakar Tormuj’.

Zahid Hasan is dramaing the lead role in the drama. He will eat watermelons in the story of the drama because he is too dark in skin tone. Eating watermelon will make the skin color fairer. Ironically, director Himu Akram also said that all the watermelons were sanitized properly before handles.

Zahid Hasan had to act in this drama with black makeup. He has to become fair from black. He has to be beautiful to be loved by a girl. This is why watermelon is eaten all the time and also always carries watermelon.

Zahid Hasan said, “I am shooting for the first time with so much black make-up. I have never played such a character before. Even if it is difficult, it has to be done. Corona is having more trouble at this point. But the audience will like the story.”

In the drama, the girl for whom Zahid Hasan wants to be beautiful by eating watermelon is named Julie. Sanjida Preeti is acting in this role. She said, she had to shoot with a lot of safety because of corona. 

Besides, health rules are also being obeyed at the set. The story of the drama is great. Preeti comments that it will increase the joy of Eid viewers.

Himu Akram has directed and composed the drama ‘Gafur Kakar Tormuj’. He said, “The story of the drama is about love. It is also fun. There is a deep message of racism in this.”

He has also acted in different roles in the drama, Shamima Nazneen, Dr. Ejaz, Ishtiaq Ahmed Rumel, Samia, Shafiq Khan Dilu, Raju Ahsan and others. The drama will be aired on Eid, a special event on RTV.