Wrong woman in isolation due to name mix-up

A woman who escaped from Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital after being infected with coronavirus was not found. The woman fled last Thursday night. However, the police are claiming to have caught the woman and that they have sent her to isolation on Friday afternoon. It was later learned that the police had caught the wrong woman due to name mix-up.

Himanshu Lal Roy, deputy director of Osmani Medical College Hospital, confirmed the information on Saturday. He said the woman whom police arrested and sent to isolation was not the same woman who had escaped from the hospital. The police mistakenly arrested the woman as she was from the same area and had the same name. She went home two days ago with a discharge from the maternity ward of the hospital.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Sylhet Airport Police Station SM Shahadat Hossain said, “We were given information from the hospital. A woman infected with coronavirus in Khadimnagar area has escaped from the hospital. We arrested her and sent to Shaheed Shamsuddin Ahmed Hospital for isolation.”

“That woman showed us the clearance. We reported it to the hospital authorities. It was informed at night she is not the woman who escaped from the hospital. We are now looking for the woman who  escaped. Attempts are being made to find her with the help of information technology by using her mobile number.”

According to Osmani Medical College Hospital sources, two women of the same name from Khadimnagar area were admitted to the maternity ward of the hospital. Both their babies died after birth. One of them went home with a clearance. Another was hospitalized separately for coronavirus symptoms. Last Thursday night, the woman who was infected with coronavirus fled the hospital.

Sushant Kumar Mohapatra, a resident medical officer at the Shaheed Shamsuddin Ahmed Hospital in Sylhet, said, “The police had informed us about the search for the patient who had escaped from the hospital. We thought that was her and brought her back in an ambulance. 

But the woman's symptoms did not match those of the coronavirus patient. Osmani Hospital authorities later confirmed that the woman was not the one who escaped. We sent her home to stay in quarantine.” Deputy Director Himanshu Lal Roy said he had spoken to the police. They are trying to find the woman as soon as possible.