Wingwall of railway bridge collapses

Naogaon Correspondent

Train movement has become risky as the wing wall of the railway bridge has collapsed due to flood waters in Atrai, Naogaon. If the ground of the main pillar of the bridge moves due to the collapse of the wing wall, there is a danger that the train movement will be stopped.

It is learned that a few days ago, the flood control dam at Jatamrul, north of the Atrai River, broke. As a result of the collapse of the dam, various fields and villages in the north of the upazila were flooded. At the same time water of Amrul Kasba, Dandiagathi, Ghoshpara and 

Ahsanganj areas of the upazila flows through this railway bridge. The wing wall on the north side of the 250 bridge south of Atrai railway station collapsed due to waterlogging. Meanwhile, the bridge is under threat due to the collapse of the wing wall.

The locals said that in the dry season, the floor of the bridge collapsed due to the movement of trucks loaded with sand at a high rate for road works under the bridge. That is why the wing wall of the bridge is broken.

Atrai Railway Station Master Chaiful Islam said that due to the collapse of the wing wall of the bridge, measures have been taken to protect the bridge by filling it with bamboo, mats and soil. Even then, the movement of trains over this bridge is risky. However, once the work is done, it will no longer be risky. Meanwhile, Deputy Assistant Engineer of Santahar Railway Afzal Hossain along with Divisional Engineers and Assistant Engineers also visited the site.