Where is Kushum Shikder?

Popular model-actress Kushum Shikder has not been seen for the last two years. She last acted on the small screen in 2016 in a drama titled ‘Sesh-Ashesh’ directed by Hanif Sanket. 

The actress has been seen on the big screen in the latest movie ‘Shankhachil’. The film is an Indo-Bangladesh joint production directed by Gautam Ghosh. In it she acted opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee of Kolkata. She was not seen acting after that.

Why aren’t you acting? She replied, "Offers often come to me. But I’m not working. At this point in my career, I don’t want to act just in any story. Honestly, at this time if I like the director, then the story doesn’t seem appealing to me or vice-versa. I am not acting for these reasons.”

In 2017, she returned to singing through a music video for a song titled ‘Nesha’. After the release of the music video, it came under criticism. The actress also said that she has plans for a new song. 

Her comment was “I will work on new songs. However, I am not sure when I will release the new song again.” 

This time of corona virus this actress has been concentrating on writing. In the meantime, she has finished writing her second short story ‘Chhayakal’. She is also planning to publish it soon. 

Kushum said about writing, “I write all year round. But most of it is for my own. I have been preparing for this story for a long time. I couldn’t finish because I didn’t get break that way. 

This time I was able to fulfill that unfulfilled wish in Corona’s time. Editing is now in progress. We have to fight Corona for a long time. So this time I will write something new.”

Earlier in 2015, her first book of poetry ‘Nil Cafer Kobi’ was published. Then in 2016 a short story called ‘Sharater Jaba’ was published. The actress has been in the showbiz for a decade and a half. 

She has witnessed many things. The actress also comments on the new generation of artists. She said if the newcomers want to come to the discussion without working, they will stay in the discussion. 

The viewers will not find a place in the mind. Good work is needed to get a place in the mind of the viewers. There is no alternative.