What’s the way out?

Moral erosion, social degradation, deadly crimes have become curse to the nation

It is easily sensed that the main reasons behind the ongoing devastating moral and social degradation, erosion of values are the legacy of long misrule by army and army-favored governments in the past. Due to the long lasting immoral activities by the people at the highest level of the government in the past, the current degradation has taken an epidemic form in the country. As a result, the country has been suffering heavily from horrific crimes like rape, murder in broad daylight and extremism including militancy – in which women, young girls and children are not spared by the perverts.

Crimes committed by religious leaders inside religious schools are heart-rending to say the least. We can mention the case of the murder of Nusrat by a teacher of a madrasa. This has greatly pained everyone in society and the question is how long we can tolerate such brutality. To check the social degradation of values and morals, real education which carries the message of beauty and truth of life and promotes culture and social bonding has to be imparted to children at early age.

The proliferation of social crimes such as bribery, negligence to duty, question paper leakage, mugging, addiction to drug, drug vending involving kids etc., has taken an alarming turn. There was a time when a university graduate or a college student used to teach young boys and girls from poor families. But, this is not seen now a days. It is rather shocking that today many students are hooked on to drugs themselves and drawing their friends into the vicious circle.
In this regard, general people as well as distinguished persons of the country think alike that the criminal, whoever he is, must be punished in the shortest period of time. Law enforcers must be true friends to people.

If these can be ensured then crime rate will come down remarkably within a short period of time. There is a common view among people that money and power can bury any crime in the country as almost all the sectors are full of corruption and irregularities.Nehal Karim, professor of sociology at Dhaka University, told Bangladesh Post to stop such incidents, the offenders must be brought under stern legal actions.

Professor Amanullah of Dhaka University said, “Our social order has broken down due to unplanned urbanization and misuse of electronic media like television.” He also said that the government would have to take initiatives to include moral education in the text books from the primary to the university level.

Md Kamal Uddin, professor of psychology at Dhaka University said the situation has worsened that no one is now safe anywhere in the country. “We shouldn’t sit idle right now as the risk of social unrest is on the rise around much of the world. So our country is also at risk due to various reasons,” he said. Bangladesh Mohila Parishad leader Dil Monwara Monu said, “The culture of impunity, lack of exemplary punishment, negative attitude towards women and girls, negligence of family are the causes of women and child repression and rape’.

Md Zakir Hossain Khan, senior assistant director of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission said the BTRC has already blocked more than 4000 adult sites so far. “Facebook will be controlled from September this year. Social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram and twitter cannot be stopped because of its high demand and popularity,” he said.

He said live app like Tiktok might be harmful to some cases as teenagers are fond of such kind of app. “From my point of view, social instability, family crisis and environment are the reasons for rising sexual abuses,” he added.The government, NGOs, Civil Society, teachers, researchers, cultural personalities and other public figures will have to work together to identify why such incidents are taking place across the country. Only then the corrective measures can be taken by the government.