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Violation of law in ‘Hawa’ movie

WCCU inspectors find evidence, forest dept to take legal action

Published : 11 Aug 2022 09:43 PM

Inspectors of Wildlife Crime Control Unit (WCCU) of the Forest Department, who were assigned to investigate the allegation of wildlife law violation in the movie ‘Hawa’, has found evidence in this regard.

The Forest Department officials found the evidence that the ‘Wildlife (Preservation and Security) Act, 2012’ has been violated in the movie as a wild bird ‘Acridotheres’ (locally known as Shalik) is shown to be bound in a cage. 

The WCCU inspectors went to Star Cineplex at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital on Thursday (August 11) to watch ‘Hawa’ following allegation of law violation against the movie. 

WCCU’s wildlife inspectors Asim Mallik, Md Abdullah Al-Sadik and Nargis Sultana and wildlife & biodiversity conservation officer of Forest Department Rabindra Kumar Bhoumik are among the officials of the Forest Department who visited Star Cineplex. 

Talking to reporters after watching the movie, Asim Mallik said that the wild bird that appeared in the movie ‘Hawa’ is real. Showing such wild animal in any movie and drama is also violation of the ‘Wildlife (Preservation and Security) Act, 2012’. As evidence of violation of law is found, legal action will be taken as per rules, he added. 

According to the wildlife preservation law, display of the scenes of eating, hunting and killing of wildlife in the films and dramas is unlawful.  

‘Hawa’, a most popular movie in recent time released on July 29, is accused of violating the law as a ‘Acridotheres’ (locally known as Shalik) is shown to be bound in a cage. At one point in the movie, the bird was killed and main actor Chanchal Chowdhury is seen eating the meat of the Acridotheres. The same movie’s behind-the-scenes footage features a stingray fish, which is a listed wildlife in Bangladesh, being picked up from the sea.

Conservationists and environmentalists expressed concern, saying that such scenes in movies and dramas encourage common people in hunting and killing wildlife.

About killing and eating of the meat of the Acridotheres, Asim Mallik said, “We have watched Hawa. We are still not clear that what has been eaten is actually the meat of the wild bird or not. We will send the investigation report to the department. However, it is true that an Acridotheres bird was showed in the movie. It is a real bird and the Wildlife (Preservation and Security) Act has been violated here.” 

Directed by Mejbaur Rahman Sumon and performed by Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi and others, the ‘Hawa’ movie has gained much popularity. Main actor of the movie Chanchal Chowdhury is seen eating the meat of Acridotheres (locally known as Shalik) after killing it, while the wild bird is shown in a cage in the movie before killing.