Water crisis plagues Ctg railway colonies

Published : 30 Sep 2023 09:56 PM

Approximately 500 families residing in the railway colonies of the Tiger Pass area in Railway East, Chattogram, find themselves grappling with a dire water scarcity crisis. Residents of this region have resorted to purchasing water from distant sources due to the absence of a functional water supply system.

A recent investigation unveiled that over 500 railway households, spanning from Tiger Pass to the Ambagan railway line, are devoid of a reliable water supply system. Prolonged water scarcity has compelled many residents to abandon their designated residences, while others have had no choice but to seek alternative accommodations solely due to the water shortage.

This water shortage issue has persisted for more than a year, prompting widespread criticism of the authorities for their perceived negligence. Noor Alam, a railway employee residing in Tiger Pass, lamented, "For over a year now, we have been deprived of consistent access to clean water. The railway's water distribution occurs only once or twice a week, subjecting all railway families in the area to enduring hardships." Saiful Islam, another railway employee, alleged, "It appears to be a deliberate act of neglect by the authorities. From what I've heard, one of the pumps at the marshalling yard has malfunctioned, causing the water supply to be redirected from the source that used to serve our area. If they wish, they could repair it within a week and restore normal water supply."

Reports suggest that a substantial amount of water is needed for various railway tasks, including train cleaning at the marshalling yard. However, the pump responsible for supplying water to this location has remained inoperable for an extended period. Consequently, water is redirected from the domestic water supply pump to the marshalling yard, rendering it impossible to provide consistent water to the Tiger Pass railway vicinity for more than a day or two each week.

In response to the situation, Divisional Engineer (2) Rafiqul Islam expressed frustration, stating, "We have repeatedly notified the railway's electricity department about the broken water pump, but regrettably, it remains unfixed. Restoring the pump to working condition would normalize the water supply."

Jahangir Hossain, the General Manager of Eastern Railway, commented, "I am aware of this matter and have taken immediate steps to address the issue. 

We are actively pursuing corrective actions to alleviate the water crisis affecting the railway colonies in the Tiger Pass area."