Voter list updating begins today

The Election Commission will start updating the voter list across the country from today. Information collectors of the commission will go door-to-door for collecting information of new voters, EC officials said. However, the commission for the first time will include transgender ‘Hijra’ in the voter list. Now, there are around 10.42 crore voters in the country. The commission will go door-to-door in each constituency until May 13 to enlist new voters. New voters can give their fingerprints at respective centres which will continue from May 25 to Oct 30.

According to EC, information about 8 million citizens will be collected in this phase. The commission will collect information of the citizens who are over 16 years old – born on or before January 1, 2003. They will be enrolled as voters once they are 18 years old. Data of the citizens who were born on or before January 1, 2001 and 2002 would be collected and they would be included in the list.
The EC has appointed 52,500 data collectors, 10,500 supervisors, and 780 assistant registration officers for the voter list updating.

More than 40,000 polling stations of the last general elections will be used in the registration process. Deceased voters will be dropped out of the new voter list and citizens will also be able to transfer their electoral areas. The EC will publish the draft updated voter list public on January 2 next. After receiving complaints regarding the voter list update, the commission will dispose complaints. The EC will publish final updated voter list on January 31 next.

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