Village defence dam breaks near Jamuna river in Tangail

On the east bank of Bangabandhu Bridge, on the banks of the river Jamuna, the village defence dam has broken again. Already about 150 meters of the dam has collapsed and several houses have been washed away by the river.

The erosion started on Saturday night on the east bank of Bangabandhu Bridge in Gorilabari area of Gohaliabari union of Kalihatiupazila of Tangail on the river Jamuna. The people of the affected areas demanded immediate action to prevent the erosion.

Hazrat Ali Talukder, chairman of Gohaliabari Union Parishad, said, "There has been a breach of the dam in Gorilabari area. Already a few houses have disappeared in the riverbed of the Jamuna. Fracture prevention needs to be taken at this moment. Otherwise, more houses in the vicinity could be lost in the river. '

Ehsanul Kabir Pavel, executive engineer of Bangabandhu Bridge of Bangladesh Bridge Authority, told the media, ‘The erosion of the village defence dam on the river Jamuna has started. So far 40 to 50 meters of the riverbed has disappeared. The river bed has been severely damaged due to prolonged floods and currents. That is why there has been a breakdown. '

He added, ‘BBA has constructed a 200-meter dam to protect the village in Gohaliabari-Gorilabari area. After it was demolished, the 450-meter dam was rebuilt.