Victory Day celebration at the beach

Huge crowds gathered at the country’s two major sea beaches, Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata, to celebrate the Victory Day with their near and dear ones. Tourists have no limit for enjoyment in the tide of the waves of the sea. Watching the sunrise and sunset is a great experience while the mild breeze of the seashore enchants the minds of the tourists.

Thousands of tourists gathered at Kuakata’s Lembur Char, Jhauban, Gangamati Lake, Kauaar Char, Misripara Buddhist Temple, Kuakatar Kua, Srimangal Buddhist Vihara, Rakhain Tatpalli, Alipur-Mahipur fishery. Tourists in Kuakata said they have come to celebrate the Victory Day. This month of victory gave you the opportunity to visit your country. The beauty here impresses them. Tourists say Kuakata is a beach where you want to come again and again when you retire.

Tourist couple Aktar Hossain and Aktar said, “The natural beauty of Kuakata and the people here are very nice. It is said that they fell in love with Kuakata. So, often they come here for vacation. They even consider making small investments here.” Aktar Hossain also said that Kuakata is one of the world’s finest beaches. As the tourist city is gainging fame day by day. Infrastructure development is also taking place here. Roads and rivers in the country connecting to Kuakata are being improved. But the internal communication system is still underdeveloped and tourists are deprived of seeing the sights.

Meanwhile, in Cox’s Bazar’s laboni Point, Sayeman beach, Inani beach and Himchhori, the prime tourist spots in the area were crowded by thousands all throughout the day to celebrate Victory Day. The tourist season has started since November. However, a few months ago, the tourist-oriented businessmen were disappointed not to see the crowds. Suddenly, a smile appeared on the businessmen’s face. 

Tourists are getting overwhelmed in the month of victory. The disappointment of the businessmen was overcome by laughter. Thousands of tourists are arriving every day on the entire Kuakata beach. Most of the residential hotels have already been booked. Tourist-oriented businessmen say there will be a continuous crowd on the beach until next April. Mutaleb Sharif, general secretary of the Kuakata Hotel Motel Owners Association, said the tourism season had begun from November. However, the tourists have started coming from the beginning of the month of Victory. Each hotel has fewer rooms left. Tourist arrivals are increasing daily.