Vested quarters spread rumors over salt

Vested quarters are spreading rumors over salt to make the market unstable. They were spreading rumors as saying that there is an acute crisis for salt across the country. In this very situation, a group of unscrupulous businessmen were trying to hike salt prices. However, the government and other slat producing companies are saying that there is no salt crisis and they have sufficient storage of salt. Besides, since Monday midnight different law enforcement agencies remain vigilant to check the anarchy.

Visiting many shops at different parts of the capital, this correspondent found that, maximum shopkeepers have already sold their salt Monday night. Shopkeepers at Rampura Ulon Bazaar told this correspondent that while he placed a new order for salt, he could know that Fresh Company reduced salt price by Tk 15 per sack.

However, the government urged the country people not to be confused with misleading information over salt stock its prices. As per the government information, the current salt reserve is much more than the country's needs. “There’s no shortage of salt. At present, the salt stock in the country is much higher than the demand,” said Md Mostaque Hassan, Chairman of Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC).

In a written statement the BSCIC chairman informed that the salt stock in the country was 6.50 lakh metric tones on November 15 and the country saw record salt production in the 2018-2019 fiscal year – 18.24 lakh metric tones - which was much higher than the target. He said the government attained self-sufficiency in salt production due to the hard work of the salt farmers and the government’s policy support.
A control room has been opened at the BSCIC headquarters (Phone No: 02-9573505) for salt-related all information.

It is to be noted that an unscrupulous syndicate on Monday night spread false propaganda over salt price. Soon the false news spread, consumers throng their nearest shops to purchase additional salt. However, different shops have stored salt for a big profit in this situation.