Use your own experience: CCC mayor to engineers

‘We will move forward to build the city by utilizing the experience of qualified people’, Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) Mayor RezaulKarimChowdhury called upon the engineers to utilize their experience.

The city mayor said this while addressing the retirement farewell reception of Assistant Engineer of Chittagong City Corporation,MujibulHaider and Deputy Assistant Engineer SomnathDasguptaRaju on Thursday afternoon. RezaulKarimChowdhury said,‘The word farewell is difficult.  However, even if it is difficult, saying goodbye is a harsh truth.  Transfer and farewell are intertwined in working life.’

 He further said that the departed engineers have provided civic services by utilizing their talents and mindfulness in their working life.  Experience in any job is a big deal.  I like the experience.  Young people will learn from the experienced.  Experienced people also need to impart knowledge to newcomers.

 Calling on the people to work together in a concerted effort despite the many limitations in their working life, the mayor said that they should take care that any kind of problem among them does not affect the work of the organization.  Mentioning that the qualifications will be evaluated, Mayor Rezaulsaid, do not do any promotion or lobbying in the workplace.  If they have qualifications, if they have experience, they will be evaluated properly.  The mayor called on the engineers to focus on urban development by avoiding narrowness.

At that time, Mayor RezaulKarimChowdhury urged to abide by the chain of command in urban development from above violence, enmity, greed and lust.

 The event was presided over by Kazi Mohammad MozammelHaque, Chief Executive Officer of Chittagong City Corporation.