UCC uses RU students’ photos illegally to give felicitation

Rajshahi branch of the University Coaching Centre (UCC) has used some of Rajshahi University first year students’ photos in the prospectus illegally collecting their personal information, The UCC used the photos two months ago.

The UCC authorities deceived with the students doing such of activities as none of them were the students of the coaching centre, claimed the students.

On Thursday, RU Law department first year students brought the allegation against the UCC at a press conference at the university’s central cafeteria.  About 19 students of law departments were present at the press conference.

Sanjida Dhali, a first year student, said that on February, the UCC authorities collected photos, contact numbers, SSC and HSC rolls and registration numbers and other necessary information from several students of different departments of the university in the name of giving a felicitation. Instead of giving felicitation, the UCC authorities introduced the students in the prospectus as their students. Such activities are unjust, said Sanjida Dhali adding that almost students of different departments are victims such of incident.

While asking, Delwer Hossain, director of UCC Rajshahi branch, told the Bangladesh Post that the allegations are baseless. “We have used those students’ photos only who were the students of our coaching and have got admitted in the university,” he said.

Shelim, UCC Dhaka head office manager, said that they have no any power to use the students’ photos in the prospectus and to see the students as their students illegally.