Tutul’s endeavour to spread education

Tutul Chowdhury, a stage actor, playwright, playwright and a banker at the same time has set up 'Sahajpath School' on January 1, 2018 in his place behind Dhania College in Shanir Akhra of the capital. 

He is also the founder and principal of the school.Very few people know about this identity of Tutul. Tutul never wanted to campaign on this issue. The reason, he said, is that he feels comfortable working silently for the people, for the next generation. 

Students can become proficient not only in conventional education but also in music, poetry, dance and painting at this school.

 Tutul Chowdhury said, “My childhood dream has come true, it is very difficult to explain how much I like it. I have twenty teachers working in this school. I have given the name ‘Sahajpath’ because it is very easy for the students to come here and receive education through the affection of the teachers. They are also taught other ancillary issues so that they can build themselves. 

The main thing is that I have always established the school in such a way that the students are interested in coming to the school and taking lessons. Parents now often tell me that even if they are a little sick, the children do not want to miss school. How great a blessing it is for me cannot be expressed in words! I believe that this simple lesson will set many more examples in the future.”

Meanwhile, Tutul Chowdhury has been in his acting career for more than a decade and a half. He first acted in the stage play 'Todonto’ in 1988 when he was in high school under the banner of his elder brother late Masud Ahmed Chowdhury's theater troupe ‘Ganachaya’. He has been active since then.