Treatment for cirrhosis (part 7)

Published : 30 Nov 2021 09:30 PM

Treatment for the underlying cause of cirrhosis:

In early cirrhosis, it may be possible to minimize damage to the liver by treating the underlying cause. The options include:

Treatment for alcohol dependency: People with cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol use should try to stop drinking. If stopping alcohol use is difficult, your doctor may recommend a treatment program for alcohol addiction. If you have cirrhosis, it is critical to stop drinking since any amount of alcohol is toxic to the liver.

Weight loss: People with cirrhosis caused by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease may become healthier if they lose weight and control their blood sugar levels.

Medications to control hepatitis:  Medications may limit further damage to liver cells caused by hepatitis B or C through specific treatment of these viruses.

Medications to control other causes and symptoms of cirrhosis: Medications may slow the progression of certain types of liver cirrhosis. For example, for people with primary biliary cirrhosis that is diagnosed early, medication may significantly delay progression to cirrhosis.

Other medications can relieve certain symptoms, such as itching, fatigue and pain. Nutritional supplements may be prescribed to counter malnutrition associated with cirrhosis and to prevent weak bones (osteoporosis).

    Courtesy: Mayo Clinic