Transcom Foods opens its 50th store

Published : 28 Nov 2022 08:15 PM

Transcom Foods Limited opened up its 50th outlet in Bangladesh with KFC Uttara Sector 6 recently.

A journey that started off back in 2003, has accumulated itself to become a piece of history and a huge milestone for the company itself. Not only that, KFC itself is close to a record with KFC Uttara Sector 6 being its 28th store, said a news release.

During the inauguration, underprivileged children were invited to KFC as they got to try their favourite treats and enjoy a great day courtesy of Transcom Foods Limited and the KFC Uttara 6 staff. It was indeed a pleasure for KFC and Transcom Foods Limited to feed these children and get to fulfil a fraction of their wishes. 

But, moving on to a strategic standpoint KFC Uttara opening up at Sector 6 has a much bigger and better radius of service as they now stand in the heart of Uttara being able to serve the entirety of the area. Specially after the launch of the KFC App, the entire process of ordering has become much easier which also includes the traditional dine-in and delivery via websites, and direct calls.

CEO of Transcom Food Ltd, Mr Amit Dev Thapa quoted, “It has been a very long journey for us here in Bangladesh, we have so much to show for as I believe we have made millions of people smile with our food and service over the years”. But we must thank all of you and our extremely hard workers for creating this opportunity where we have the privilege of getting to open Transcom Foods Limited’s 50th Outlet and KFC’s 28th Outlet which is KFC Uttara 6. 

I feel humbled so far and would love to take this time and thank you once again, he added.