Top Meerut cop caught on video telling protesters ‘go to Pakistan’

Meerut Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Narayan Singh claimed that he had made the statement to a group of people who were raising slogans in the support of Pakistan, reports The Hindu.

A top police officer in Meerut allegedly told a group of people to tell protesters to go to Pakistan during violence in the city last week over the amended citizenship act in which five people were killed.

The incident purportedly took place on December 20 in Lisari Gate Police Station area and it was captured on video which was circulated widely.

In the 1.43 minute-long video, Meerut Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Narayan Singh can be seen talking to three men in a narrow lane along with other police personnel.

“Yeh jo kaali aur peeli patti bandhe huye hain inko keh do Pakistan chale jao... Khaoge yahan ka, gaoge kahin aur ka (Tell the protesters who have tied black and yellow bands to go to Pakistan, You will eat here but praise someplace else),” he purportedly said.

“Yeh gali mujhe yaad ho gayi hai, yaad rakhna.  Aur jab mujhe yaad ho jaata hai toh mein naani tak pahunchta hun (I now remember this lane and I can reach your grandmother),” he said.

Mr. Singh claimed that he had made the statement to a group of people who were raising slogans in the support of Pakistan.

“I advised them to go to the place in support of which they were raising slogans,” he said.

ADG Meerut Zone Prashant Kumar said the incident occurred on December 20 following protests in the city. 

Some people there were raising slogans in support of Pakistan and were distributing objectionable pamphlets in support of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the social Democratic Party of India (SBPI), he said.

After receiving information about it, SP City and DM City went to the spot and told the people that they can leave if they want to, Kumar said.

He termed the video was part of a conspiracy as it was being circulated a week after the incident, when the situation was peaceful in the area.

Samajwadi Party MLA Rafiq Ansari hit out at the top officer, saying he should exercise restraint and not make unconstitutional remarks. 

The people he was talking about were also the residents of India, he said. Five people were killed in violence in the city during protests against the amended citizenship act. Protesters had set over two dozen police vehicles on fire and pelted stones.

IANS adds, senior BJP leader Uma Bharti on Saturday came out in support on Meerut Superintendent of Police.

The former Union Minister in a series of tweets said, “The reaction of Meerut City SP Akhilesh Narain Singh telling the protesters to go to Pakistan was natural as the protesters were raising slogans in favour of Pakistan, were abusing the police and were also throwing stones at them.”