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‘Terrorists offer lucrative package to youths’

Published : 19 Oct 2019 10:15 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 04:41 AM

Chief of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Monirul Islam on Saturday said terrorist organisations are offering lucrative package through online network to attract youths for radicalising and carrying out violent activities.

He also disclosed that militant recruiters and motivators of terror outfits are offering lucrative and attractive package for recruiting for militancy.

Monirul Islam, additional commissioner of DMP, said the people who have no patriotism, kindness, responsibility, and who are devoid of tolerance and failed in accepting reality are searching for shortcut way in life and being radicalised afresh.

Monirul, also the boss of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit of the DMP, made the remark while addressing the inaugural session of ‘Dhaka Peace Talk’ at the DMP media centre in Dhaka.

During his speech, he opined that terrorism or extremism is a global problem and main hindrance on the way to establishing peace and security.

“It is not possible to combat the menace by enforcing laws only. A united effort of law enforcers, civil society, parents and teachers is a must. The peace talk is part of the effort,” he said adding that the risk level of it in the country is low now” he continued. 

Stressing on youths’ engagement in the programme, the CTTC boss said youths aged between 15 and 30 are the most vulnerable group and have chances to be engaged in extremism and militancy.

"After the Holey Artisan attacks, extremist activities have been at a decline due to a clampdown on militant activities," he said. "As there were no major attacks or incidents of violence, everyone thought extremism and terrorism have been rooted out.

"However, the threat is still very real, and persists," Monirul said.

He said, although it is impossible to curb extremism completely, police can still reduce its impact by spreading awareness. 

“We can solve the problem in effective ways by spreading awareness in specific ways," he said.  

CSARF Executive Director Shabnam Azim said it is like building up a network through which all stakeholders, especially youths, will work as community ambassador and spread the activities to make other people aware.

Founded in 2019 by a group of researchers, university teachers and career journalists, CSARF is a nonprofit think-tank in the country, specialising in social advocacy, research and security threat analysis.