Technology increases in agriculture

Amdadul Haque
In the last one year, agricultural incentives have increased and the government has started app-based agriculture services.
As a developing country of the world, the use of modern technology in Bangladesh is increasing gradually. As a result, production is increasing while the cost of production is going down.

Farmers are receiving information on what kind of pests can attack their crops under changing weather conditions. Instructions on when the crop is in harvest stage are also found on the farmer's mobile phone. Getting accurate information at the right time reduces the risk of crop damage from various natural disasters and pest attacks.

Due to rapid urbanization, unplanned industrialization and construction of houses on agricultural land, the amount of cultivable land is decreasing across the country. Therefore, it is important to increase production to meet the food needs of the growing population.

In this situation, people in agri-business are giving more and more importance to mechanization of agriculture. According to them, the use of modern technology in the agricultural sector will make it possible to produce more crops on a small piece of land. With this, time and labor will be reduced and solve the food needs of the growing population.

A successful farmer Akmol Hossain from Moulvibazar said, “I think there is no alternative to the mechanization of agriculture. This will reduce the cost of our agricultural production and increase productivity. This means that more crops can be produced at a lower cost now. Then agriculture will be competitive.”

In a recent report published by the University of Gottingen, the demand for food will increase by 80 per cent from the year 2100 due to population growth worldwide. It says that by that time, people's calorie demand will also increase by 61.05 per cent. They think that there is no alternative to technological development in the agricultural sector to solve this food demand.
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute’s Director (Research) Dr Abdul Ohab said, “currently most of the cultivated land of the country is being cultivated mechanically. If modern machinery is used in all stages of cultivation, from land preparation to rice production, then a revolution will occur in our agriculture.”
“The farmers will have to use farm machinery and equipment in order to earn profit from paddy cultivation. Comparison between traditional methods and mechanization has shown that there is no alternative to mechanization if agriculture to survive,” he added.
Farmers said, labor crisis occurs during the cultivating season. At this time, workers demand high wages. As a result, there is no profit in cultivating paddy during the Boro season. So they are depending on agricultural Technology.