Teacher beaten to death by students

Ensure exemplary punishment for the attackers

Published : 28 Jun 2022 08:24 PM

A teacher has died two days after he was allegedly beaten with a cricket stump by a student of his institution on Saturday. The ill-fated teacher, Utpal Kumar was a political science teacher at the Hazi Yunus Ali School and College in the Chitrasail area of Ashulia. Besides, he was also the head of the disciplinary committee at the educational institution.

Like previous years Hazi Yunus Ali School and College arranged a cricket match on Saturday. Utpal Kumar was standing on one side of the field and overseeing the cricket match. He saw some students harassing girls during the cricket match and denied them to do so. But the unruly students suddenly launched attack on the teacher with cricket stumps and beat him up indiscriminately on the playground. Critically injured Utpal Kumar was rushed to Enam Medical College and Hospital where he died early Monday.

This attack on a teacher with cricket stump exposes moral degradation of the young people in our society. We all want our children to have a better life free from clutches of drugs, militancy, terrorism and other crimes.

These types of attacks should never 

take place in a civilised society

A video of a college principal being forced to wear a garland of shoes has also sparked outrage on social media in the country in the presence of police at Mirzapur United College in Narail's Sadar Upazila on Sunday. Not only the two brutal attacks that took places in Savar and Narail in a space of a single day, such barbaric incidents continued happening in different places of the country. Many teachers of primary and secondary schools and colleges were assaulted, beaten up and abused in many ways especially in the remote areas by the local hoodlums, public representatives and influential people apart from the students in the last few years.

These types of attacks should never take place in a civilised society.  It is the responsibility of the local administration and public representative to ensure the security of the teachers. 

Teachers are the architects of a nation. It is very unfortunate to see them being attacked for protesting hooliganism or refusing any unethical activities. A large number of teachers at many educational institutions are voicing their doubts and insecurities as some unruly students, local criminals, hoodlums and public representatives continued to issue threat and abuse them. Therefore, relevant authorities must ensure security of the teachers at educational institutions and exemplary punishment of the attackers immediately.