‘Tata Guru’ service launches in Bangladesh

Published : 24 Jan 2023 08:53 PM | Updated : 24 Jan 2023 08:53 PM

Nitol Motors Limited, the sole distributor of Tata Motors in Bangladesh has introduced the new after sales service ‘TATA GURU’ in the country.

Nitol Niloy Group Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad, Tata Motors Head of Customer Care and International Business Rakesh Mittal, Nitol Group Vice Chairman Abdul Marib Ahmad, Tata Motors Regional Manager (Customer Care) Venkatesh Albal, Nitol Motors Executive Director SAH Ismail among others were present at inauguration programme held at a city hotel on Monday.

Tata Guru is the automobile industry's first mechanic loyalty program in the country that will allow a mechanic to earn points for every Tata genuine parts fitment.

All mechanics involved in servicing of Tata commercial vehicles and fitting of Tata genuine parts will be registered under this programme. Once a mechanic is registered he becomes a ‘Tata Guru’ and is issued a special certificate and Tata Guru ID card.

Nitol Niloy Group Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad said, “Today we are the number one automobile company in the country with the trust and love of our customers. We have maintained this position with quality products and services. The most important aspect of our success is building the largest and strongest after-sales service network in the country. By introducing new services like Tata Guru, we want to take after sales service to new heights.”

“Through the Tata Guru programme, Tata Motors and Nitol Motors want to take the philosophy of moving forward together to the next level. Our program aims to help us grow together, earn more, stay connected with changing technology, support families through loyalty programs and recognize our Tata Gurus for their contributions,” said Nitol Niloy Group Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad.

Through the operation of this program, we can identify genuine Tata parts, which will help the customers to reduce the cost of running the vehicle.

A mechanic will earn loyalty points with every fitment of Tata Genuine Parts and can accumulate the loyalty points to turn it into attractive gifts for their family. Through this we are trying to lead the family of dear mechanic brothers to more prosperity.

The Tata Guru program encourages a mechanic to use Tata genuine spare parts to ensure maximum performance of a vehicle. As a result, Tata car customers will indirectly benefit from this program and their cars will require less maintenance and last longer. Due to the greater durability of Tata Genuine Parts, the vehicle will not require frequent repairs, which will reduce maintenance costs for buyers.