Symptoms of hypophosphatasia (part 2)

Published : 28 Apr 2022 10:51 PM

Hypophosphatasia (HPP) varies a lot from person to person. It can be mild, serious, or even fatal. This mostly depends on how much ALP enzyme you have in your body. Generally, the less you have, the worse your HPP.

It can show up anytime from infancy to adulthood. The most common form, called the “odonto” form, makes you lose your baby teeth too early but doesn’t affect your bones. This kind of HPP often goes undiagnosed.

The most serious and rarest form, called perinatal HPP, shows up around the time you’re born. It's almost always fatal without treatment. But in another type, benign prenatal, bone problems that a doctor can see on an ultrasound get better on their own soon after the baby is born.

Sometimes, people are genetic “carriers” of HPP, but don’t have any symptoms. These people can pass HPP to their children.

    Courtesy: WebMD