Students concerned at crossing age limit

Many students, pursuing higher education amid uncertainty over holding of annual examinations, have expressed concerns for crossing age limit and applying for jobs. 

Such concerns have been largely expressed by students studying at different government and non-government colleges under the national university (NU).

Currently, about 29.1 lakh students are studying in various courses at different NU-affiliated colleges. Talking to Bangladesh Post, many students have expressed apprehension over their ages to apply for jobs for there are age limits for public service jobs.  

According to students and guardians, most of the students are not able to concentrate on their studies as pandemic situation intensified an uncertainty regarding academic life and career. 

Major public school and college examinations, including JSC-JDC and HSC, have been cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic. The ongoing closure of educational institutions has been extended until December 19.

In this situation, students and guardians have demanded immediate decision on taking examinations through alternative method.

Saif Rehman, an honors fourth year student studying at Northern College under National University, said, “Although a few months ago it was supposed to hold the honours final year examination, but it was cancelled due to the crisis of Covid-19. There is no preparation to take the test now. Even if the college takes online classes, it is not enough.”

He said that his classmates were in similar trouble, adding, “If the exam is taken in this situation, the expected result will not be obtained.”

For this reason, the students demanded to cancel the examination and give them certificate through evaluation in alternative ways.

Masuma Urmi, a guardian of an honors student of Siddheswari College, said, “It is difficult to maintain normal life amid the pandemic. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time students have become irregular in their studies.”

“As it is not possible to arrange classroom lessons for a long time, the students would fall into trouble if the exams were announced suddenly,” she said, adding, “They will have to face a prolonged session jam. So, we should think of some alternative ways of taking examinations.”

In this regard, Dean (Undergraduate) of National University Dr Md Nasir Uddin told Bangladesh Post “Annual Examinations can be taken within a week or two after reopening of the educational institutions. We have all the preparations. But the government can give any other decision considering overall situation.”

However, he suggested that it would not be a good decision to award automatic pass to all in higher level of education.

The fourth-year examination of the National University was supposed to end in March. However, the educational institution was closed on March 17 this year. Since then, students have been waiting to see when the exams will be held.

Meanwhile, students have recently formed a human chain in front of the main gate of the National University in Gazipur demanding pass for all. Meanwhile, the honours final year students at different colleges demanded the pass on the basis of the previous examination results.

It is known that the degree pass course of the National University, second year and third year, master’s final examinations were supposed to be held in April.  These examinations were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

About the auto-promotion, National University Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mashiur Rahman, said, “We are not considering auto promotion in honours examinations yet. On the other hand, Physical presence at the examination is not possible. So, we have to wait. We are waiting for reopening educational institutions. The problem will be solved if the vaccine comes.”

The national university has about 2,254 affiliated colleges across the country, apart from its main campus at Board Bazar in Gazipur. These colleges under its academic control cater for courses leading to Pass, Honours and master's degrees.