Extra admission fee

‘Stern action against wrongdoers

With a view to checking irregularities and ensuring transparency in the educational institutes, the government will take stern actions against those principals and headmasters,who would go for charging extra admission fees from the students in the next academic year.

In case of allegations of charging extra admission fees from the students in the next academic year, the concerned teachers and the chiefs of educational institutions will be fired.

At the same time, the Ministry of Education will alsocancel the MPO (Monthly Payment Order) of the concerned institutes.Senior secretary of the Secondary and Higher Education Sohrab Hossain confirmed the information.

Monitoring will start from November this year and will continue till next admission program. In addition,vigorous actions will be taken against the Board of Directors of those institutions who would resort to wrongdoing. 

Sohrab Hossain said, “It is necessary to know the number of seats. Additional seats may not be filled up. No admission will be permittedon the plea of having any quota other than the government fixed quotas.”

According to sources, the ministry has already made preparations after the incident of irregularities in the admission of additional students at the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNSC), Ideal School and College in the capital and various other institutes of the country.

These decisions were made at a monthly coordination meeting held at the Ministry of Education on September 19. The Ministry of Education will seek the list of secondary and higher education institutions that have irregularly admitted students last year.

In addition, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education will monitor the admission period (November-December) to prevent additional student enrollment at the educational institutions.

The monthly coordination meeting concluded that the Secondary-2 Division will submit the report along with the list of educational institutions that sought extra fees for students’ admission.

Regarding the monitoring of educational institutions during admission, Director of the Secondary and Higher Education Department Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan said, "Monitoring about additional admission and extra fees will begin from the beginning. No concession will be given on this. '

In 2018, an additional 400 students are enrolled at the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNSC). It is alleged that members of the governing body, the acting principal and concerned teachers were involved in the admission business. Following these allegations, the ministry directed the acting principal and two other teachers of the institute to take action against the teachers at fault.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education directed the Director General of Secondary and Higher Education to postpone the MPO of the Principal after the allegation of corruption in the students’ admission was levelled against the Ideal School and College, another preferred  education institution in the capital.