Startling rise in violence against journalists

Protect newsmen, let them reveal the truth

Published : 19 Aug 2022 08:53 PM

We strongly condemn the attack on Jamuna Television reporter and video journalist who were beaten up by lawyers in Chittagong on their way to Chittagong Court to collect news. The incident occurred in front of the court building area in Chittagong city on Wednesday noon. 

Bangladesh has catalogued cases involving abuses and episodes of violence against journalists in the recent times. We express concern over the brutal killings of three media workers within the last few months in Bangladesh — a DBC news production executive was found dead on June 8, a Patuakhali-based journalist was found dead on June 6 and a Cumilla-based journalist was shot dead on April 13. Besides, at least 118 journalists came under attack for performing their professional duties this year. As no significant progress has been observed most of these cases, the prevailing situation gives the perpetrators a green signal to carry on the crime.

We condemn all attacks and 

violence against journalists 

and media workers

Journalism is a noble profession with intent to serve the people, endeavouring towards letting the people know the fact. Journalists are those who keep the truth alive even in the face of danger. But in order to expose the truth and sift fact from the fiction, journalists face many difficulties in the form of threats and manipulation by various unscrupulous wings of power.

Over the last years, the ground and impact of journalism, with the innovation and intervention of technology, has expanded at a rapid pace. Consequently manipulation over the journalists is pushing them towards suppression, sometimes ideologically, sometimes morally. And those newsmen who try to be vocal about the truth are often seen being harassed and even murdered. Thus journalism is increasingly becoming a risky profession and eventually journalists tend to refrain from reporting on sensitive issues.

We condemn all attacks and violence against journalists and media workers. We call for a speedy investigation into all the incidents of crime against journalists, including murder, to ensure the safety of journalists in Bangladesh. We urge the government to prevent violence against newsmen, bring to justice the perpetrators and ensure victims have access to appropriate legal help. A safe and enabling environment for journalists should be created to allow them to work independently and without fear or unjustified interference.