Song about coronavirus ‘Jokhon Juddhe Achhi’

Coronavirus has placed people all over the world under lockdown. Every human being in the world is fighting against this deadly virus.

And four artistes have band together to inspire in this fight. They are Mahadi Faisal, Elita Karim, Porshi and Mahtim Shakib. They have made a new song  about coronavirus titled ‘Jokhon Juddhe Achhi’.

The song is written by Asif Iqbal, composed by Shahbaz Khan Pilu and arranged by Sajid Sarkar.

Prior to this the production company Ganchil has created a number of songs about coronavirus. This time too, the new song has been brought by them to make people aware and increase their mental fortitude.

The songs making is near the end. It will soon be released on the company's YouTube channel. The song will also be published in the country's audio streaming portals and apps.

Earlier, the song 'Esho Shobai' was composed with 125 famous people of the country. Here Bappa Majumder, Elita Karim, Kana, Sufi, Dola, Oishee, Labik Kamal Gaurab, Sayan, Bammi and Adit have given their voice.

Singer Mahadi Faisal was in overall management of the whole project. One of the initiators was Asif Iqbal, the founder of Ganchil.