Sikder Group distributes relief among flood victims

Shariatpur Correspondent

Sikder Group distributed relief items among flood-hit people at various places of Shariatpur on Sunday. 

The relief materials were delivered to the flood victims under the leadership of Md. Iskander Ali Fakir, Regional Head of National Bank Ltd's Shariatpur Region, along with managers and officials of various branches of the Bank.

At this time rice, pulses, potatoes, onions, salt, flattened rice, molasses, soybean oil and lifebuoy soap were distributed among 1,000 people helpless people.

A Hai Hawladar of Naria upazila’s Chandipur said, "We have been living in flood water without food and work due to flood, river erosion and corona for a long time. We are in trouble with the cattle for the rising water in our houses”.

He added, “We are struggling to collect food for the family and the cattle. Until now we did not received any relief assistance, today we are very happy to receive relief assistance from the Sikder Group and we pray for the group”.

Md. Iskander Ali Fakir, Regional Head of National Bank said, "We have distributed 20 kg of relief items among 1,000 flood and river erosion victims on behalf of Sikder Group. We will continue to distribute relief items in future as well”.