Shimul in Nisho-Mehzabin's divorce story

Popular actor and model Monir Khan Shimul is appearing in the story of separation of Afran Nisho and Mehazabien. Mizanur Rahman Aryan created a drama with them for Valentine’s Day. The name of the drama is 'Protidin'. The drama was created under the banner of audio-video production company CMV.

Director and writer Mizanur Rahman Aryan said, ‘The story is basically about a divorced couple. We tried to see what would happen if one person wants to go back to the old relationship but finds no way to do so. Hopefully, the story of this divorce will spark new romance in the audience on Valentine’s Day.’ Shirin Alam, AK Azad Shetu, Shoaib Monir, Bashar Bappi and others have also acted in various roles.

'Protidin' drama will be released on CMV's Drama YouTube channel in the beginning of February on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, according to CMV's SK Saeed Ali Pappu.