Service pistol recovered from thief

Police recovered a service pistol from the bed room of a thief, said police. Earlier on February 17, some alleged thieves entered at the residence of one Aminul Islam in city’s Manikdi area. The gang of thieves stolen Tk 5 lakh and 65 thousand along with huge amount of gold ornaments. A case was filed with the Dhaka Cantonment Police Station.

While addressing at a press conference at DMP Media Center on Sunday, Deputy Commissioner ( Gulshan Division)  of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Sudeep Kumar Chakraborty disclosed this. He also said, “ We recovered a 7.6 pistol and a bullet from the bed room of suspected thief Mohammad Shohan.”

After the incident, police started investigation on it. At one stage, police found the link of Shohan in connection with the theft incident. Later police raided at his residence in the capital and arrested him. Police seized the service pistol from his possession.

During the primary interrogation, the arrested criminal admitted that he regularly watches crime patrol show in different satellite channels. Thus he learned different tactics of thieving.   He used to prefer day for committing theft incident. He at first follows the movement of security guard and then enter at the targeted residence.

He also uses a special device to unlock the door of a flat. He also prefers the houses where there are no CCTV camera. Responding to a question, Sudeep said, “ The foreign pistol which was recovered , is used only by the members of the law enforcing agency.” No other people has no chance to use this type of arms, he further added. We shall know the sources of the arms after interrogating him in police custody, DC continued while responding to a question.