Samina Chowdhury’s ‘Shei Je Chole Gele’

Well known musician Samina Chowdhury is singing new songs. In the meantime, she has sung a new song titled ‘Shei Je Chole Gele’.

In the days of corona pandemic musicians have been busy fighting to create new songs to bring normalcy in their lives.

Some of them are performing in limited size stage shows in this situation following the rules of health. 

Samina Chowdhury’s song is written by Jamal Hossain and the melody is composed by Kishore Das. 

Regarding the song, Samina Chowdhury said, “Kishore makes wonderful music. He has a lot of nice tunes in his mind. Jamal Hossain has also written excellent lyrics. All in all, I can’t say about the song, Jamal and Kishore can say it better than I. However, I hope that the audience will love the song.”

The song is composed by Ovi Akash and arranged by Rezwan Sheikh. Samina Chowdhury said, “The melody of this song is very sweet. The lyrics are also excellent.”

Both songs will soon be released on Rongon Music’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Samina Chowdhury is scheduled to sing a Rabindra Sangeet in the government-funded movie ‘Bhalobasha Pritilata’. However, the matter is not final yet, said Samina Chowdhury. 

Meanwhile, Samina Chowdhury’s song ‘Aajo Jader Baba Ache’ has recently been released on the YouTube channel of ‘World Music’. The song is written by Liton Adhikari Rintu and composed by Ijaz Khan Swapan. Samina Chowdhury made her acting debut in Amjad Hossain’s ‘Jaonmo Theke Jolchi’ with Alauddin Ali’s melody. In this movie, Samina Chowdhury’s song ‘Jonmo Theke Jolchi’ and ‘Ekbar Jodi Keu Bhalobashto’ were two popular songs. The melody of the two songs was composed by Alauddin Ali. In 2006, Samina Chowdhury won the first National Film Award for her playback singing in the movie ‘Rani Kuthir Baki Itihas’ directed by Samia Zaman.