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SAFF championship turns too tough for Bangladesh team

Published : 01 Apr 2023 09:53 PM

The upcoming SAFF Championship will turn into more tough for Bangladesh national team when two teams from outside of SAFF region, one from ASEAN and one from out of the ASEAN countries will play in the biggest tournament for the South Asian football nations.  

Teams from outside of South Asian region will participate in the coming SAFF (men’s) Championship scheduled to take place in the first week of June in Bengaluru, India.

The SAFF congress took the decision following the participation of Russian Women team in the SAF Under-17 Women’s Championship took place in Dhaka last month when the guest team (Russia) won the trophy.   

However, the decision was taken in a meeting of the SAFF was held in the online flat form on Friday that a team from outside will participate in the SAFF Championship and the team would be from ASEAN region.  

Meanwhile, it was the proposal from All India Football Federation to include a team from outside of the SAFF region and it was approved in the meeting.

General Secretary of the SAFF, AnwarulHaqueHelal, while talking to the reporters on Friday at the Bangabandhu National Stadium arena ensured that a team from ASEAN region will play in the SAFF.Helal said, “Yes, we have takenthe decision to include a team in the SAFF from outside the region, as we decided to organize the SAFF Championship with eight teams. Though the proposal was one team would be included from outside SAFF but as Sri Lanka are in trouble with FIFA ban and their possibility of participation is uncertain, so in this occasion in Bengaluru, in absence of Sri Lanka we decided to include two teams.”

“This time we will organise the SAFF with the participation of eight teamsbut it is yet to confirm whether Sri Lanka will be able to take part or not. If it would be not settled by April 20, we will include two guest teams when one of the teams would be from any of the ASEAN countries and another will be out of ASEAN.”

“Our decision is in a bid to make the SAFF Championship more competitive.But it is too early to name the team finally which teams would be from outside when one team might be any of the countries from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam when one team will be from the ASEAN region.