Sad state of public hospitals

Management errant on ethical grounds

The condition of public hospitals has been on the decline for as long as most people can remember. It is disconcerting news that patients who are admitted in public hospitals are facing risk of being infected with harmful germs when the come into the hospital and have to undergo any operation. On another note, the physical condition of public hospitals is what catches the eyes of most of the people who avail public medical services. 

A report published in this daily projects that multiple public hospital in the city has walls and ceilings full of cracks of various sizes. Many of the buildings also show trees sprouting out from inside walls or ceilings dangerously exposing portions of wrecked concretes which is evident of unpardonable negligence of the authorities.

We wonder why the conditions 

of our healthcare facilities 

are so deplorable

The report is fairly representative of the general condition of many public hospitals across the country. Anyone who has ever visited a public hospital in the country might have seen and experienced the same problems. We wonder why the conditions of our healthcare facilities are so deplorable when a big portion of our health budget is allocated for infrastructure development and purchase of modern equipment. 

Prior to this safety hazard coming up there were also issues of doctors being absent from their duties and lack of proper diagnostic faculties. These problems are still prevalent in many of the public hospitals across the country. 

Proper maintenance of public medical hospitals should be ensured by the authorities concerned. And while lack of cleanliness and absence of proper beds are problems that could be easily solved by the authorities, who will solve other major problems of nonattendance of doctors and lack of diagnostic facilities that most of the public hospitals in the country are facing? Stern action should be prescribed for these irregularities.