S.Korea’s death toll from heavy rain climbs to 30

South Korea’s death toll from heavy rain, which continued over the past seven days, rose to 30, with 12 missing and eight wounded as of 10:30 a.m. local time Sunday, according to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters.

The torrential rain spread from the country’s central region, including Seoul and its surrounding metropolitan area, to the southern region Friday, leaving 13 more dead, two unaccounted for and one injured for the past three days, reports Xinhua. 

Three people were found dead and three missing in the incidents of three boats capsizing in the eastern Gangwon province, but they were not included in the death toll as the cases were categorized as a marine accident.

The government has designated seven cities and counties in the central region as special disaster zones to provide rapid assistance of the central government. A total of 5,971 people from 3,489 households were forced to evacuate homes across the country. Among the total, 4,617 residents still failed to come back home.

About 9,300 hectares of farm land were swamped or buried, while 9,491 cases of property damage were reported including 4,234 private assets and 5,257 public facilities.

Houses, cattle sheds, warehouses and agricultural plastic houses were flooded or destroyed, while roads, railways, bridges and water reservoirs were damaged.

About 73 percent of the damaged properties got restored in an emergency manner.