RUET research team invent hybrid car

A research team of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) has invented the country's first hybrid car.

The research team leader and Professor of RUET Mechanical Engineering Department Dr Emdadul Haque along with students of the department Mahbubur Rahman, Obaidul Hasan, Tanvir Rahman, Tariqul Islam and Ismail Haque Farid also took part in the work.

Students said, the invented hybrid car facilities are electrical plug-in, engine service as well as charging systems. As a result, the car will continue to run if fuel stock is finished. As the solar system is included with the battery, the car will be charged even if it is trapped in traffic jam. So there is no scope for power or fuel waste. Besides, for the plug charging systems, the car can be charged with electricity too.

Like portable devices, this hybrid technology can now be used with any vehicle, they added.

The hybrid car has been build using an abandoned car which collected from a garage in the Rajshahi. 

Asked about the speed of the cars, students said, using the battery it will be possible to get up 80 to 100 kmph speeds. Moreover, once battery charged, it is possible to run up to 250 km continuously without using fuel.

Students also added that only BDT 2 to 2.50 lakhs to be cost used to convert a new hybrid car from an abandoned vehicle.

Dr Emdadul claimed, the countries of the developed world are now focusing on how to reduce energy consumption. Because of the remaining stock of the energy in the world will be over within next few years. So, we tried to innovate something new which would be able to reduce the use of energy.

Our efforts have been successful. Because the special features of this vehicle are low fuel costs. At the same time, an abandoned vehicle will be accessible easily, he also added.

According to the sources, University Grants Commission (UGC) assigned this project to Dr Emdadul in 2014. Then the original works of the project started in August 2017 while his colleague Professor Fazlur Rashid also took part in the project.