Riaz’s TVC for children

Although Riaz is not a regular in movies, he is occasionlly found in advertisements and dramas as well as in business. This romantic hero was away from the light-camera for a long time because of coronavirus. He returned last month with a UNICEF advertisement work for children’s health security. It is based off of feeding vitamin A to children.

For the past two days (October 23 and 24) he has been busy with work on the ninth floor of the BFDC. There he took part in the shooting of a baby diaper commercial. Monirul Islam Sohail is making this advertisement for AB group. Arshi Hossain and child artiste Saad are the models with Riaz.

Director Sohail said, "We have been working continuously for two days. This is a story based TVC. The length will be 30 seconds. Riaz Bhai is playing the role of a pediatrician in it. I hope the work will be good.”

However, Riaz is returning to film shooting very soon. He will return to the shooting of 'Operation Sundarbans' later this month. In this movie, Riaz is playing the role of Ishtiaq, a Commanding Officer of RAB Six. Riaz is very optimistic about the movie.

Meanwhile, today is the birthday of Riaz. However, he has no special plans for his birthday. 

Riaz said, “Considering the overall situation, I am not making any special arrangements at home around my birthday because where I live, everyone is living according to the hygiene rules considering the situation. That is why no one from outside is allowed to enter any of the flats here. If the situation was normal, maybe it could have been considered. So my wife and my daughter, we will celebrate the day as best we can. I will tell the fans in my country and abroad that everyone should be safe and aware. Everyone pray for me so that I can be good and stay healthy. May we all conquer corona and walk the path of unity in the world to come.”