Retroperitoneal inflammation, its symptoms (part 1)

Published : 28 Jul 2021 07:10 PM | Updated : 28 Jul 2021 07:10 PM

Inflammation that affects your retroperitoneal space is a serious medical condition. It has a high mortality rate. However, early diagnosis and treatment can improve your outlook.

The retroperitoneal space is the space between your peritoneum and your posterior abdominal wall. In less complicated terms, it’s the space in your abdomen between your abdominal cavity (the area where your intestines are) and your back. It houses several major organs, including:

•    kidneys

•    bladder

•    abdominal aorta

•    adrenal glands

Inflammation often happens in response to an infection. The infection can spread all over your body and affect vital organs if left untreated. The inflammation can also put pressure on your vital organs. This pressure could cause irreversible complications. Retroperitoneal inflammation is also known as retroperitonitis.

Retroperitoneal inflammation has similar symptoms as other abdominal infections that involve inflammation. Symptoms include:

•    abdominal pain

•    back pain

•    bloating

•    constipation

•    diarrhea

•    fatigue

•    high fever

•    chills

•    loss of appetite

    Courtesy: Health Line