Reopening efforts in the offing

Many countries around the world are rethinking the decision to reopen everything in a bid to overcome economic stagnation. While many countries have already lifted lockdown, others are waiting to follow the suit.

For the last few months, much of the world has lived under unprecedented public health restrictions, social-distancing mandates, and other emergency measures. At least 137 countries imposed partial or total lockdowns to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. One hundred forty-one restricted internal travel, and 169 closed at least some of their schools. In many ways, these measures have had their intended effect, helping to reduce transmission and ease the strain on health-care systems. 

Although more than 10 million people have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, and over 400,000 have died, these numbers would likely be far higher had countries not acted as they did.

But the fact is that you cannot continue this stalemate situation for a longer period of time and tight restrictions imposed on people’s lives cannot be maintained forever. That’s why much of the world has now begun the process of reopening, even though there still remain the risk of infection and a second wave. This new phase of pandemic response is risky, but experts feel that it’s inevitable.

Under such circumstances alternative plans and proper guidelines should be in place with a view to dealing with any untoward situation.