Quality of healthcare services for citizens

Care for the elderly is a matter of concern

Healthcare is a fundamental right of all human beings. Without ensuring healthcare for its citizens, a country cannot claim to have progressed. In our country, availability of healthcare is dependent on being financially able to afford such services. While there are many government institutions as well as NGOs which provide medical services free of cost we still have a long way to go to take the benefits to every doorstep.  

Access to healthcare is very expensive in our country and many have gone into debt trying to pay for life-saving treatment. Though in rural areas and small townships in the country there are government medical facilities, people often do not have the means to travel in order to access the proper medical care. Healthcare for vulnerable and marginalized groups is often neglected as well.

A big problem in both rural and urban areas in the healthcare services is corruption and malpractice. Even in renowned hospitals, malpractice is widespread and often doctors who are responsible to maintain discipline remain absent during office hours. Experts feel that the relevant authorities should penalize  those involved in order to deter future cases.

Geriatric care is also an often forgotten issue in our society. Elderly people who do not live with their families are most likely to suffer from lack of proper medical care. Ensuring free of cost health plans for the elderly as well as the disabled should be a top priority for the ministries concerned.  

One of the most pressing issues of our times is the lack of awareness and stigmatization around mental illness. Access to mental health is extremely limited and even those who can access it are denounced by society. Suicide rates are at an all time high as people who are suffering would not or cannot access professional help that they desperately need. Raising awareness and reducing the stigma is the responsibility of all government agencies, as well as media houses. Schools, colleges and universities must also play their part in informing students and guardians on all aspects of mental health. All forms of healthcare should be readily available to those who need it. The government should also pay heed to healthcare workers and ensure their rights. The government needs to invest resources to improve health infrastructure of our country.