Producer Sharif inaugurates Karkhana Entertainment

New YouTube channel of Karkhana Entertainment has officially been launched. The platform was inaugurated on Thursday at the office of Karkhana Production.

Producer Sharif Ahmed Jibon is the founder of Karkhana Entertainment. On Thursday night, Dhrupadi Geetika and Ayushman, the daughter and son of Sharif Ahmed Jibon inaugurated it through cutting a cake. Actor Yash Rohan, producer and actor Humayun Sadhu along with others were present on the occasion.

At the time, Sharif Ahmed Jibon said, “Karkhana Entertainment will basically act as an entertainment channel. It will contain all kinds of entertainment content including dramas and music videos.”

Karkhana Entertainment’s first content is a drama titled ‘Bhoot Hoite Shabdhan’. Mishu Sabbir, Toma Mirza, Yash Rohan, Safa Kabir, Humayun Sadhu, Kochi Khandakar and many others have acted in it. The drama will be aired on Nagorik TV at 3 pm on the third day of Eid. Then it will appear on iFlix and Karkhana Entertainment.

Sharif Ahmed Jibon said, “We will soon get involved in new productions. In the meantime, our plans have been finalized. I will start working soon after the Eid.”

Contents created by other organisations and producers can also be published on the channel of Karkhana Entertainment said the owner of the channel Sharif Ahmed Jibon.