Preparing for another cold wave

Identify the vulnerable communities and extend necessary support to them

Published : 17 Jan 2022 08:58 PM

Though in Bangladesh, duration of the winter season is relatively short, but every year the season inflicts immense sufferings to people especially children, elderly and poor. The impact of winter is likely to become more intense with temperature falling further in the next few days. On top of that, a new cold wave is feared in several districts of the country.

As reported by this daily on Monday, night-time temperatures can be dropped to 1 to 3 degree Celsius. However, the daytime temperature is likely to remain the same with insignificant fluctuation depending on the location. This situation is likely to continue till the end of the ongoing week.

Departments concerned should deploy temporary 

and seasonal medical teams to work in remote areas 

where people cannot avail medical facilities

According to media reports, the number of patients, especially children and elderly people, is increasing in hospitals. Both children and elderly are suffering from respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and some other ailments caused by cold. 

It is time to prepare for another spell of cold wave and the government should plan in advance to combat it. As many remote places in the country do not have access to adequate healthcare facilities, departments concerned should operate temporary and seasonal medical teams to work in remote areas where people cannot avail medical facilities.

All parents should take special care of their children. Children may be found with stomach ache and they refuse to have food. In that case, they have to be given oral saline with normal food. If the situation does not improve, parents must consult with a doctor immediately. Last but not least, the media can play a big role in preparing people for facing cold-related diseases by telecasting health care programmes.

This winter, Covid-19 has been an additional and potentially deadlier peril. There have always been the risks regarding the Covid crisis escalating in winter when the cases of respiratory complications rise alarmingly, and Covid-19 itself is a respiratory disease. Hence, doctors should remain very careful not only to detect the Covid-19 cases but also respiratory issues since their symptoms are identical.