Prangonemor to stage ‘Condemned Cell’ at BMS

One of Bangladesh’s prominent theatre troupes, Prangonemor, is going to stage their ‘Condemned Cell’ play at the Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangla Mahila Samity in Baily Road of the capital on October 30 at 7pm.

The play is written by Ananta Hira and directed by Awal Reza. ‘Condemned Cell’ is the 10th production of Prangonemor Natyadal. Nanuma Afroz, Ananta Hira, Awal Reza, Ramiz Raju, Zahidul Islam, Mainul Tauhid, Sabuktagin Shuvo, Shuvechcha, Tuhin, Sujan, Preeti, Sujoy and Prakriti and many others have acted in the play 'Condemned Cell'.

The play’s context is fictional and as follows, “The most glorious event of the Bengali nation is the liberation war of 1971 that took place on our beloved motherland and the genocide that took place with the direct cooperation and participation of the Pakistani barbaric invaders and their local collaborators, the Razakars, Al-Badr and Al-Sams. Sixty-eight thousand villages of fifty-six thousand square miles were turned blue by the poison of genocide and cruelty of rape. However, it is the responsibility of the audience to find or discover similarities with any of the characters in the play with any character events or experiences he has seen. And visitors who find no similarities or fail to discover similarities will be able to return home with impunity. The purpose of this drama attempt called 'Condemned Cell' is to explore the responsible audience. All the events of the drama organized in the 'Condemned Cell' will be inside the jail. This is the place where according to rules, only death row inmates live.

Mentionable, the play will be staged following all health rules as per government directives during the coronavirus period.