Prangone More to stage ‘Aurangzeb’

Prangone Mor’s play ‘Aurangzeb’ will be staged at Dr Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium on Friday, September 18 at 7 pm. This is the first staging of a play with a large number of artistes from a theater troupe after a long 6-month hiatus of stage theatre because of the coronavirus outbreak and general closure. A total of 22 artistes have acted in the play. The 45th staging of the play ‘Aurangzeb’ will be held on that day.

The play is composed by Mohit Chatterjee and directed by Ananta Hira. The play stars Ananta Hira, Nuna Afroz, Ramiz Raju, Mainul Tauhid, Sarwar Saikat, Shuvechcha, Reagan Ratan, Sabuktagin Shuvo, Biplob, Prakriti and many more. The stage and lighting of the play is planned by Fayez Zaheer, the music is planned by Ramiz Raju and the costumes are planned by Nuna Afroz.

The story’s plot is based in the Mughal India time frame. This had seen the blood of Timur and Genghis Khan, and the customs of the Timur dynasty was that every prince had equal rights to the throne. 

This has been going on for generations in the Mughal principality. Emperor Humayun fought against his brother Kamran, Ashkari, Hindal and seized the throne, until Akbar took up arms against Mirza Muhammad Hakim. King Jahangir declared rebellion against his own father. King Shahjahan captured the throne by shedding the blood of his brother Khasru Shahriar. 

 But it was Shah Jahan who spent his last years in captivity at the hands of his son Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb, a devout Sunni Muslim, captured his father and took possession of the throne, and killed his brothers Murad and Suja, the other claimants of the throne, one by one. The throne and the power struggle of the state have been revolving in the same circle from age to age.

Before his death, at the age of ninety, Aurangzeb realized, “Even if one is heartless with the Holy Qur’an in his heart, there is no forgiveness for him, because Allah and the Holy Qur’an do not tell anyone to be an executioner.”

Aurangzeb is the name of an intense protest against the use of religion, cruelty in the name of religion to inflict cruelty or any inhuman injustice in the politics of seizing power or throne in every country.