Popy in ‘Bhalobashar Projapoti’

After the break, actress Sadika Parvin Popy is returning to shooting once again. However, it is not something that was left incomplete,. Rather, Popy is returning to shooting and in front of light, camera, action with a new film. 

The name of the film is ‘Bhalobashar Projapoti’. It will be co-directed by Raju Alim and Masuma Tani under the banner of Impress Telefilm Ltd.

Popy said, “I got the new film as a birthday present. Its story is extraordinary. I liked it very much and I will try my  best to bring out the character to the best of my abilities to make the audience happy. In it I will play the role of a doctor. I hope the audience will like it.”

It is known that the story of love, lockdown, divorce and other such social stigmas that determine our lives and how we live it will come up in the film. Its shooting will be starting very soon.”

Meanwhile, Popy returned to Dhaka late last month after winning aganst coronavirus. She is currently staying at her home in Eskaton in the city. 

Popy said, “I still feel weak after recovering from the coronavirus. I am following the doctor’s advice to take rest and follow-up on my post recovery routine. I will start working according to the health rules.”